Kraft Liner

High protection for the toughest environments.
Our AP Kraft Liner is a multiply liner rich in Virgin (new) fibre with a quality and performance that puts it in a league above conventional Kraft top liners. It has the following product features:

  • A high performing blend of Virgin (new) fibre, with the addition of some recycled content
  • High bulk
  • Enhanced Ring crush and Short-Span Compression Test (SCT) for stacking performance
  • Lighter weight options allow cost reductions

  • The inclusion of semi-chemical pulp leads to improved performance in humid environments.
  • The base layer, with some quality recycled fibre, is designed with a higher absorption rate to improve corrugator conversion.
  • Our Kraft Liner’s enhanced stacking performance enables light-weighting and optimisation of your board selection.

Virgin Fibre Rich