Bag Kraft

Designed for strength and durability.
Our APMIL Bag Kraft Paper is available in a wide range of natural, bleached and part recycled products for every bag application.

  • High Wet Strength
    Our high wet strength products are stronger than conventional papers in wet conditions and suit applications like sacks and bags for potatoes, bin-liners, moist bottles etc.
  • Machine Glazed Bleached and Unbleached finishes
    Our Machine glazed finished products provide enhanced printability.
  • Natural Kraft Paper offers high strength
    The virgin (new) fibre in our Natural Kraft paper offers high strength for shopping bags.

  • Flat and gusseted bag styles
    Our range of products are suitable for both flat and gusseted bag styles.
  • Food Contact Compliance Testing
    Our stringent testing lowers the risk in food contact and food packaging applications.
  • Self-opening satchels
    Our bleached Kraft paper is ideal for self-opening satchels used for retail Flour and Sugar Products.
  • Low Weight bags with Strength
    Our Brown Kraft (35-120gsm) and Bleached (33-110gsm) offer lightness and strength.

Natural Bag Kraft

Bleached Bag Kraft

Part Recycled