Packaging Papers

A comprehensive range of packaging paper

Presenting and protecting the highest quality products brings with it the expectation of exceptional packaging. When your supply chain puts packaging under pressure, ensure your products remain safe with Australian Paper. As Australia’s only manufacturer of bag, sack, lightweight and specialised packaging papers, and a major supplier of kraft liner board, Australian Paper offers a wide range all made from renewable and recyclable natural materials.


Bag Papers

Our white bleached and brown unbleached bag kraft is ideal for small to medium size paper bags, boutique shopping bags, laminated food pouches, ‘fast food’ wrappers and building insulation. We also manufacture bag kraft with high wet strength for products such as fresh produce and perishables which may generate moisture..

Sack Papers

We make a range of high strength sack kraft with semi-extensible and high porosity options for use in multi-walled paper sacks. We also manufacture high wet strength sack kraft for heavy duty applications.

Kraft Liner Board

Australian Paper produces a range of recycled and new fibre multi-ply Kraft Liner Boards for use in high grade cardboard box manufacturing.

"High quality packaging papers for world class products in rugged environments"