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We are the only Australian manufacturer of office paper

We are the only Australian manufacturer of office paper including Reflex, Australia’s favourite brand. Reflex was the first office paper brand in the world to be advertised on television when launched more than 30 years ago. Australia’s favourite office paper now features Ink Wise™ delivering a new standard in its print and paper performance. With Ink Wise™, Reflex paper now delivers sharper, more vibrant prints with absolutely no extra ink, toner or effort. It’s also smoother and whiter than ever before.

As part of our commitment to consistent quality we test the print quality and performance of every batch of paper we make at our Maryvale Mill through the onsite Office Paper Test Facility. We are committed to ensuring that all of our wood is from responsibly managed sources. Australian Paper is chain of custody certified to both FSC® and the Responsible Wood certification scheme, which is globally endorsed by PEFC. FSC and PEFC are the two major global forest certification systems.

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Australian Paper is also committed to growing the local demand for premium recycled paper; reducing landfill and carbon emissions. The $90 million waste paper recycling plant at Maryvale is Australia’s most advanced paper recycling facility and has the capacity to divert up to 80,000 tonnes of waste paper from Australian landfills each year. Australian Paper manufactures Reflex 100% Recycled, Planet Ark Mindful Paper and Australian 100% Recycled. Each of these products are 100% Recycled, FSC®certified and perform perfectly through all office equipment.

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