Choosing the right envelope

The envelope you design or choose for your project is just as important as the contents inside. The size of the piece, type of mailing, budget and whether automated equipment is required for content insertion will affect the type of envelope you choose. Basic knowledge of the envelope can help you reduce costs and select the most suitable envelope for the project.

Face of Envelope


Used for Lightweight correspondence. Suitable for hand inserted & addressed letters or documents.


Used for lightweight correspondence. No labelling required. Suitable for documents that have been pre-addressed.


Used to distribute sensitive correspondence within a company. Interoffice envelopes can be used over and over again.

Style of Envelope


Small Pockets for general correspondence. Large Pockets when extra strength is required for content such as; Magazines Catalogues Annual reports Legal documents


Used for lightweight correspondence, commercial documents and direct mail. Generally suitable for machine insertion.


Small Wallets are used for light weight correspondence. Large Wallets/Booklet Mailers are used for booklets, small catalogues and commercial documents.

Closure of Envelope


Simply peel back peel strip and seal. No moisture or licking required. Designed for hand insertion. Stronger seal. Longer shelf life.


Requires moisture to close. Ideal for large jobs via mail houses. Generally suitable for machine insertion.


Envelope flaps with no adhesive properties, no seal at all. Mainly used in x-ray industry, and for interoffice use.


Only available in CD & DVD. Envelope flap inserts into pre-slit area. Helps to keep flap down when storing CD & DVD's.


A reusable flat seal. Ideal for internal mail systems.


Envelope flap inserts into pre-slit area. Helps to keep flap down when storing CD/DVD envelopes.

Features of Envelopes

Heavy Weight Paper

Available in heavy weight and ultra heavy weight.


Protect your private letters an documents. Secretive pattern printed on the inside to protect your private letters and documents.

Ideal for printing

Ideal for laser printers

Envelopes Window Size and Position Chart

Envelope 1

1 Waller or Banker

Envelope 2

2. Wallet or Banker

Envelope 3

3. Wallet

Envelope 4

4. Wallet

Envelope 5

5. Wallet or Banker

Envelope 6

6. Wallet or Banker

White Space

White Space

All measurements are in millimetres