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Our centralised customer service team is there for you from 8am until 5pm AEST each weekday to ensure that your envelope job runs smoothly. They can coordinate order entry and assist with order tracking, and can provide turnaround estimates, as well as product specifications and samples. Our pre-press facilities are equipped with the latest technology to give you superb image quality, and we have envelope overprinting centres situated around the country to ensure local contact points for you.


  • Central customer service centre with fully integrated operating system
  • Expert field sales and account managers
  • Expert production personnel
  • Nationwide distribution network
  • Pre-press department in-house
  • Online quotation facility
Envelope sizes


Overprinted envelopes are ideal for corporate stationery, billing and transpromotional mailing. Our pre-press facilities feature the latest computer-to-plate (CTP) technology, ensuring the highest image quality, and we work with designers to deliver the best print outcome for your envelopes. We currently manufacture more than a million envelopes each day, offering you the very best in:

  • State-of-the-art envelope manufacturing and printing facilities
  • All-over printing on custom-made envelopes
  • Overprinting on our range of quality Tudor® envelopes
  • Flatsheet or inline printing options
  • Selection of base papers for custom jobs
  • Dedicated pre-press department and print manager to ensure quality

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