Aquaculture feasibility study


In partnership with Mainstream Aquaculture and the Victorian Government, Australian Paper is embarking on an Aquaculture feasibility study to farm barramundi in the Latrobe Valley. The $1.24 million feasibility study, funded by all three parties, will investigate the technical, commercial, social and environmental aspects of a state-of-the-art aquaculture facility. If the project goes ahead, it is expected to create up to 500 jobs during the construction phase and approximately 190 direct and indirect jobs ongoing.

As part of the feasibility study, Mainstream Aquaculture and Australian Paper will conduct due diligence on the technical, commercial, social and environmental aspects of the project plus preliminary design and engineering, for the RAS plant.

The study is expected to take 18 months and be finalised by mid-2020.

Why Australian Paper?

The existing infrastructure at Australian Paper Maryvale is perfectly suited to an aquaculture facility. Our access to high quality supplies of freshwater, and extra capacity for water heating and treatment, combined with the availability of land and logistics services, make Maryvale a natural location for these operations.

The project also aligns with our mission of Sustainable Growth for the Next Generation. We are continuing to diversify our operations through taking part in growing industries like aquaculture and, importantly, looking at ways we can help diversify the Latrobe Valley economy, encourage new and innovative businesses into the region, and support new jobs.

Read the Aquaculture feasibility study fact sheet.



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Key Facts about the Feasibility Study

  • Approximately 70% of Australia’s seafood consumption is imported
  • Wild fish stocks can’t meet future consumer demand
  • Future growth can only be met through the expansion of aquaculture
  • Mainstream Aquaculture leads the world in the breeding of premium quality barramundi and exports juvenile fish to 24 countries
  • One in three barramundi fish consumed globally begins its journey from Mainstream Aquaculture in Australia
  • Mainstream Aquaculture also supplies Infinity Blue, Australia’s premium table fish barramundi brand
  • The study will examine the potential for a 10,000 tonne pa premium barramundi Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) facility located in the Latrobe Valley
  • This facility could also support the development of a new barramundi processing industry in the Latrobe Valley
  • The facility would be located close to the Maryvale Mill and utilise fresh water supplies
  • Maryvale has complementary infrastructure capacity to supply water-heating, oxygen generation and water treatment services to the RAS facility
  • The facility could support up to 500 Victorian jobs in the construction phase and around 190 ongoing
  •  If the study proves viability, construction could begin by late 2020
  • The feasibility study will cost $1.24 million and is being funded by Australian Paper, Mainstream Aquaculture and the Victorian Government through Latrobe Valley Authority