Sustainability Performance

Sustainability Performance

At Australian Paper we are passionate about making high quality, recyclable paper products that are used every day all over Australia.

Our circular economy approach ensures that all areas of the business aim to minimise our impact on the environment, and maximise our social and economic contribution to the communities in which we operate.

2017 Sustainability Report

The first of a new annual series, our 2017 Sustainability Report takes you through our sustainability journey, highlights, environmental initiatives and future aspirations.

Report Highlights


The $7.5 Million Energy from Waste feasibility study will investigate a proposal to create energy from 650,000 tonnes of residual waste per annum at Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill.


84% of the organic waste produced at Maryvale was composted in 2017, significantly reducing waste to landfill.


Australian Paper invested $8.9 million to rebuild Recovery Boiler 6, a key piece of the infrastructure which makes Maryvale Mill, Victoria’s largest producer of baseload, renewable energy.

Sustainable growth for the next generation