Circular Economy

Taking a Circular Economy approach to paper manufacturing.

Responsibly sourced wood is renewable. After harvest, new trees are planted and grown before being harvested, planted and grown again. This cycle of renewal is a key input to the circular process of combining wood fibres with water to form pulp which is then dried to create paper. After being purchased and used by our customers, the paper can then be recycled and collected, joining new wood fibre to restart the manufacturing cycle. At Australian Paper we aim to take a circular economy approach to making paper.

In a circular economy, there is a focus on renewable energy, waste is designed out of the system, and negative impacts are minimised. Continually improving the value that Australian Paper draws from natural resources keeps us competitive and improves our environmental sustainability.



Re-using our resources


Australian Paper Maryvale is Victoria’s largest generator of baseload renewable energy. This renewable energy from our pulping process provides more than 50% of our total needs. Australian Paper is also committed to continuing to reduce our intake of natural gas and electricity in the future.



Australian Paper has established an important partnership with the Gippsland Water Factory (GWF). We send the trade waste from our pulping process to the GWF for treatment into recycled water. During drought conditions, we have the capability to divert 100% of the GWF’s recycled water flows to the Maryvale mill; reducing demand on the Moondarra Reservoir to provide additional water for the local community.


Organic Waste

At Maryvale we have a goal “Towards Zero Landfill” for the solid waste we generate on our site. The key to achieving this goal is our partnership with PineGro Products which takes wood residue, and solid waste from our pulping operations and turns it into valuable agricultural products for composting and soil remediation. In 2016, PineGro recycled more than 120,000 tonnes of organic material from Maryvale. Gibsons Groundspread is a local business that creates value by processing lime from the Maryvale Mill into a soil conditioning agent to reduce acidity.

"We take a circular economy approach to paper manufacturing"