Creating Energy from Waste

Our Energy Challenge

Like any local manufacturing business, Australian Paper is facing challenges. We’re determined to face these efficiently and sensitively by harnessing innovative, proven technologies. One of our immediate priorities is to stabilise our costs and one of the most significant focus areas is energy. Despite being Victoria’s largest generator of baseload renewable energy, we are the largest industrial user of natural gas in Victoria and also use significant quantities of coal-fired electricity. Like any other business or household in Australia, we are exposed to surges in energy prices and uncertainty of supply.

EPA Works Approval Application

Australian Paper has submitted a Works Approval Application to the EPA for assessment. Consultation is now open and we encourage anyone with an interest to make a submission to the EPA via the Engage Vic website.

Australian Paper $7.5 million Energy Study

We want to address our future energy needs proactively, which is why we are carrying out a comprehensive Energy from Waste (EfW) feasibility study. With support from the Australian and Victorian Governments, Australian Paper is undertaking a $7.5 million feasibility study into an EfW facility at our Maryvale Mill. This facility could divert up to 650,000 tonnes of waste from Gippsland and Melbourne landfills each year, saving 500,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

An EfW plant at Maryvale would require a $600 million investment estimated to support more than 1,600 Victorian jobs during construction and more than 440 ongoing. Our study is expected to conclude in mid 2018.


2016 Maryvale Mill Energy Mix

Creating Energy from Waste

Fact Sheets

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Our Energy from Waste Information Centre in Morwell is also open between 9am to 3pm, Tuesday to Friday.

NOTE: The Energy from Waste Information Centre will be temporarily closed on the following dates to allow us to relocate and conduct offsite engagement sessions:


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