Economic Impact Report: Australian Paper's contribution to the economy

2011 Sustainability Report

We deliver more than just sustainable, certified paper products. We employ around 1400 staff members directly and largely within regional communities. Recently, Australian Paper commissioned Western Research Institute to conduct an Economic Impact analysis to find out how much we contributed to the Australian economy in 2011. And we are proud of the results.

When flow-on effects are taken into account, we contributed:

  • $754 million in value add to the Australian economy which is equivalent to $1,128 for each tonne of paper we produce
  • 5,928 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs

Our de-inking recycling plant is being constructed at our Maryvale Mill and expected to commence production in 2014.
This facility will:

  • Contribute $110 million to gross domestic product during construction
  • Underpin more than 960 FTE jobs, including flow-on, during its construction
  • Underpin 246 FTE jobs, including flow-on, when operation commences


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