When you print your documents at work or at home, there is a good chance that you are using Australian Paper’s proudly locally made copy paper. Many of the large and small boxes that are used for packaging your favourite food products are also made by us right here in Australia.  When you send a letter, chances are that the envelope that you have used is made in Melbourne.

Australian Paper’s pulp and paper operations are vertically integrated in the manufacture of pulp, paper, envelopes and stationery which means that we not only manufacture the paper, envelopes and stationery that we sell to our customers, we also manufacture the pulp that is the key ingredient in making these products.

We make around 750 individual grades of paper at our mills in Victoria and New South Wales, and supply a wide range of papers suitable for your diverse needs, including printing and publishing papers (including speciality papers), office papers, and packaging papers.


In addition to our signature office paper, we manufacture a wide range of products, from watermarked and embossed security and cheque papers to coloured papers and boards and inkjet printing papers. 

Our paper is converted into a variety of products such as scholastic and business books, envelopes, manila folders, other stationery products, food wrappers, paper bags, cardboard cartons, cheques, and passports.  

Our product range includes recycled content and carbon neutral papers, and many of Australian Paper manufactured and owned papers are either AFS/PEFC or FSC® certified. 

Some of our best known brands include Reflex®, Optix™, Tudor®, Australian™, Olympic™, and Queen’s Slipper™.  We also produce a wide range of offset and specialty printing and digital papers, including ENVI Carbon Neutral, Australia’s first Government certified 100% carbon neutral paper.