Committed to ongoing strategic investment

Future Investment


We have been developing the Maryvale site since 1937 and have an asset base in excess of $3 billion.

Australian Paper is committed to ongoing strategic investment to maintain and develop our core manufacturing assets. Our capital investment strategy over the next 5 years will support Australian Paper’s mission of sustainable growth for the next generation.

Maryvale Mill Shut – investing in our future growth

During August 2018, the Maryvale Mill shut down for 26 days, allowing the investment of $51 million in capital upgrades to strategic infrastructure and site maintenance. More than 50 local businesses were have been involved, boosting the local economy and generating employment opportunities for the Latrobe Valley. These major works are part of a $200 million, five-year capital investment program currently underway at Australian Paper Maryvale, in line with our mission of Sustainable Growth for the Next Generation.

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Supporting our mission of sustainable growth for the next generation